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How to add a search option or a search box to the website?

Here we can learn how to add a search option or a search box to the website. If you are working on a big site, then you need to create a search box in the site to find the data easily. There are many free ones available such as Windows Live, Google, etc.

Windows Live Search

Below steps will help you in adding a Windows Live Search box to your web page. However you can set the search form to search the entire Web or only your website.
Step 1 − Create a new HTML page and call it SearchPage.
Step 2 − Go to the Format menu and select Dynamic Web Template → Attach Dynamic Web Template…option. Select the master.dwt file and click the Open button.
Step 3 – Now add the following code inside the editable region.
Step 4 – Let’save the page. Go to the File menu and select Preview in Browser.
Step 5 – You can find the Windows Live Search in your webpage. Now enter something in the search and click the Search Site button
Step 6 − As you can see that it will search on the web. If you want to restrict the search to only your website, then you have to specify your site domain in the following name instead of
Step 7 – In the same way you can add the Google search option by adding the following code in the editable region.
Step 8 – Now,save your HTML page and you will see a search box, search button, checkbox, and checkbox label.
Step 9 − To restrict users to search only your website, select the checkbox and go to the Tag Properties panel and set the Value property to the URL of your website, such as
Step 10 − Save your page and preview it in the browser. Now you will see the Google Search option in your webpage.

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