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How to create a new website ?

This chapter explains about how to create a new website from scratch.

How to create a Website?

To create a new website, open Microsoft Expression Web.


Following steps will be useful to create a website.
Step 1 – Now select Site → New Site… menu option.
Step 2 − It will open the following dialog from which you can create or import different types of website.
Step 3 – Now choose General → One Page Site.
  • Specify the location or you can browse to the location where you want the new website to be created.
  • Type in the name of your web in the name field and click OK.
Step 4 – Let’s create a new page with default.htm. Rename it to index.html with a right-click on the file and clicking on the Rename option.
Step 5 − The default doctype used in Expression Web is –
To view it switch to the code view.
If you want to change the doctype from Tools → Page Editor Options → Authoring.
Step 6 – Next add <h1> tag inside the body tag and some text as mentioned in the following code.
Step 7 − To view it in a web in a browser, go to the File menu and select the Preview in Browser → Any browser like Internet Explorer.
It will open our web in Internet Explorer.

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