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How to create a webpage from a Microsoft Word document using Expression Web?

This chapter explains about how to create a webpage from a Microsoft Word document using Expression Web. You can use Microsoft Word for web content and then use the same content for your HTML page.
Here’s how you can get optimal results while using the content from Microsoft Word.
For this you need to create a new HTML page and call it worddemo.html. Apply the Dynamic Web Template (*.dwt) to this HTML page.
See the sample Word document with some styles applied and a table. You need to copy this entire document to the clipboard and go to Expression Web. Now paste the document into a main-content section of the webpage.
You will get an icon when you paste the content into Expression Web. It is called as the paste options button. You can select different option to paste the content into Expression Web.
Using the default setting Match Destination Formatting conveys that Expression Web will use any formatting that is already applied in the current webpage.
You can style the document header with H1 style in Microsoft Word in the document. To format it to the Heading style in Expression Web,paste it into the page.
To apply the H1 style to the text use the Keep Source Formatting option in the Expression Web. Then it will generate a new CSS class called Style option in this case that reformats the text appears in Word.
Using Remove Formatting will help the page looks like existing page but if you look at the tables formatting, it displays the regular text now.
Default styles applied in Expression Web will appear in the page but styles that related to the Word document will disappear.
If you copy the HTML code then use keep HTML only option. The last option on the paste options menu is Keep Text only which uses to keep the text from Word. Keep text option will open the following Paste Text dialog.
Now onwards you can select how to format the text. Here the first option removes all formatting line breaks, paragraphs, etc. and replaces it with just one big block of text.
Let’s see that the table disappear in the document as well as all formatting. You can play with options on the Paste Text dialog box. Now select the option Match Destination Formatting.
On previewing this webpage in a browser, it will look like the following screenshot.

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