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Why Gridview control is used?

The GridView control is used to show the values of a data source in a table. Each column represents a field, and each row represents a record. Let’s explain this in a step by step process.

Step 1 – Now create a new ASPX page in SQLDataSource project and call it gridview.aspx.


Step 2 – See the the ASP.NET Controls in tool box. Drag the GridView control and drop it over the form section.
You can find that the GridView context menu is open. Now select the <New data source…> from the Choose Data Source dropdown list. It will display the Data Source Configuration Wizard.
Step 3 – Let’s choose the data from SQL database and specify the data source ID. Click Ok.
Step 4 − Select the existing connection string as created in SQL DataSource chapter. It will be using the same database here also. Click Next.
Step 5 – To understand more ,let’s select the Student table and click the * checkbox which will retrieve all the columns from the student table. Click Next.
Step 6 − Test the query in the following wizard, so let’s click the Test Query button.
Upon clicking Next, it will display the following screen −
The Design View of gridview.aspx looks as follows −
Step 7 – Now preview the webpage in a browser. It will appear as follows −
This is a simple table without any formatting.
Step 8 – Let’s format the GridView from the GridView Context menu.
Click the Auto Format… link. In the Auto Format dialog box, there are many predefined schemes. Select a scheme as per your requirement and click OK.
Let’s preview the webpage in a browser again. It will look like the following screenshot.

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