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How to add data table in your webpage?

This chapter explains about how to add data table in your webpage. See how create a new HTML page and how to apply the Dynamic Web Template as well to your HTML page.
Step 1 – Go to the File menu and select New → Create from Dynamic Web Template…
Then it will open the below dialog box as shown in the following screenshot.
Step 2 − Select the master.dwt file and then click the Open button.
Step 3 – Now save the web page and call it datatable.html.
Step 4 – Go to design view and go to the main-content section and remove the text.
Step 5 − Next, go to the Table → Insert Table… menu option which will open the Insert Table dialog box.
Select the number of rows and columns. Now set different layout options like alignment, padding, border’s size and color, and Background color, etc. Once you are done, click OK.
Step 6 − The Design View of datatable.html will now appear as follows −
Let’s see that the Code View of the page, you will see the following code is added by Expression Web.
Step 7 – Go to the Manage Styles task panel, right-click “.auto-style2”. Click the Choose rename class "auto-style2".
Step 8 – Now go to Rename Class dialog, enter mytable in the New name field. You have to tick the ed and then click OK.
Let’s see your web page in Design View. It will appear as follows −
Step 9 − To format this table and apply some style to it, go to the Manage Styles task panel and click New Style…
Step 10 − In the New Style dialog box, set the border settings and then click Ok. You can also format your data table, right-click on the table and select Modify → Table AutoFormat…
Select the different formats and other settings and click OK.
Step 11 − Now, the Design View of your web page looks as follows −
Let’s add some data in the design view.
Step 12 − Save your webpage and preview it in a browser. It will look like the following screenshot.

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