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What are Pivot Charts in Excel 2010?

Pivot Charts

A graphical representation of a data summary, displayed in a pivot table is called pivot chart.
A pivot chart is always based on pivot table.

Excel lets to create a pivot table and a pivot chart but at the same time a pivot chart cannot be created without a pivot table.
In a pivot chart, all Excel charting features are available.

Pivot charts are available under Insert tab » PivotTable dropdown » PivotChart.

Pivot Chart Example

A pivot table is explained with the help of an example.
A huge data of voters is present and the summarized view of the data of voter Information can be seen as per party in the form of charts, and pivot charts can be used for it.Choose Insert tab » Pivot Chart to insert the pivot table.

pivot chart structure

MS Excel selects the data of the table. The pivot chart location can be selected as an existing sheet or a new sheet.
In MS Excel ,Pivot chart depends on automatically created pivot table.The pivot chart can be generated is shown in the below screen-shot.

pivot chart data

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