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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Environment?

Let’s start by setting up our CRM environment. we can be using the net version of CRM 2015, because the online version presents one-month free trial access. through doing this, you may not want to purchase any license to study CRM.

Note − since Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a developing product, it is possible that by the time you are learning this, you may have a newer version of the product. in that case, the software may not look precisely as you would see in the screenshots of this tutorial. but, the core concepts of the product remain the same. The look-and-feel and the navigation of the product may change, however, in most of the cases you will be able to easily navigate and locate the specified options.

Setting up Microsoft Dynamics CRM online Account

Step 1 − Navigate to the following URL −

In case you do not see the options of Trial model via this link in future, simply try searching "Microsoft Dynamics CRM free Trial" on Google.

Step 2 − click the try it free button. this will start a 3-step registration technique as shown in the following screenshot. In Step 1 of 3-step registration, fill in the mandatory information including name, email, and language.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Environment

Step 3 − click the try it free button. this will begin a 3-step registration method as shown in the following screenshot. In Step 1 of 3-step registration, fill in the mandatory information including name, email, and language.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Environment

Step 4 − In Step 3 of 3-step registration, Microsoft will validate the mobile variety that you have specified. For this, you may offer your mobile number and click text me. it will then send an OTP to your mobile using which you may be able to continue further with the setup.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Environment

Step 5 − Your Office 365 user ID will be created. You can save this user ID information for later access.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Environment

After setting up the account, it will now open your CRM Dashboard which will look something like the following.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Environment

Just to emphasize again, the screenshots above may change with a future version, however setting up the environment could be a quite easy method.

Downloading CRM SDK

The software development kit (SDK) of Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes important code samples which includes server aspect code, client aspect code, extensions, plugins, web offerings, workflows, security model, etc. basically, the SDK includes each improvement resource that you would want to get started with CRM. whether you are planning to set up a new plugin project or setting up a web services project for CRM, the SDK provides the basic structure and examples starting from easy to advanced stage to help you kick-off. we will now look at the steps to download and install the SDK.

Step 1 − every version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with its own SDK model. The best way to get the right SDK version could be to look on Google on your respective CRM version. for example, if your CRM version is 2015, then try searching for "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 SDK".

Step 2 − once downloaded, run the exe setup. click preserve.

Step 3 − it will ask you to pick the area in which the SDK need to be extracted. choose any appropriate location in which you would like to maintain the reference SDK.

Step 4 − Open the folder in which you had extracted. you may access all of the SDK content from here.


In this chapter, we have set up our environment through developing a CRM online account. We then downloaded the CRM SDK, which will be used in the next chapters of this tutorial. make sure to observe down the credentials with that you have set up the account, because you will need these credentials the following time you login.

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