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How to create Virtual Network in Microsoft Azure?

Windows Azure facilitates in creating a virtual network on the cloud or enables to connect to the on-premise local network to the cloud network in Azure.

How to create a Virtual Network in Clouds Only in Windows Azure?

Step 1 − Login in to Azure Management Portal.

Step 2 − Click on ‘New’ at the bottom left corner.

Step 3 − Click on ‘Network Services’ and then ‘Virtual Network’.

Step 4 − Click on ‘Quick Create’.

Creating Virtual Network

Step 5 – Provide the name and the other fields are left except the location, as Azure decides everything.

Step 6 − Click on ‘Create a Virtual Network’ and it is done.

How to create a Virtual Network in Cloud Only (Advanced Settings) in Microsoft Azure?

Step 1 − Click on ‘custom create’ instead of ‘quick create’ when creating a new virtual network and the following screen will appear.

Virtual Network Cloud

Step 2 – Provide the Network name and choose a location. An image is drawn at the bottom.

Virtual Network Cloud

It is optional to provide the name of the DNS server as the cloud only network is created. This options ‘Point to Site connectivity’ and ‘Site to Site connectivity’ are left as they are.

Step 3 − Click next and leave the default values on the following screen.

Virtual Network Address

Step 4 − Click the next arrow and a virtual network is created.

Virtual Network Created

Once the virtual network is created, the DNS servers and the local network can be added.

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