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How to installin Memcached on Ubuntu?

Ti start the installation process you need to go to terminal and type the following commands –

Confirming Memcached Installation

To check if Memcached is presently running or not, run the command given below –
This command depicts that Memcached is running on the default port 11211.
Use below mentioned command to run Memcached server on a different port:
You should start the server and listen on TCP port 11111 and UDP port 11111 as a daemon process.
This command is explained below −
  • -p is for TCP port number
  • -U is for UDP port number
  • -u is for user name
  • -d runs memcached as daemon process
You can run multiple instances of Memcached server through a single installation.

Memcached Java Environment Setup

Download spymemcached-2.10.3.jar and setup this jar into the classpath to use Memcached in your Java program.

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