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Mechatronics Engineering interview questions & Answers

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Mechatronics Engineering Interview questions

  • What Is Mechatronics?

    Mechatronics is a blend of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer control and information technology. Mechatronics is a design process to create more functional and adaptable products.
    Integration of electronics, control engineering and Mechanical engineering
    concept of working smarter –not harder –and to inexpensively get the most work done

  • Why Study Mechatronics Engineering?

  • What Is A Closed Loop Control System?

  • What Is Used To Make Considerable Simplification In The Devices Such As Watches And Cameras Etc. As Compared To Pure Mechanical Designs?

  • In Which System Does The Output Not Affect The Process In Any Way?

  • Where The Plc’s Are Used?

  • What Is The Formula For Thermal Capacitance?

  • What Is The Characteristic That Provides An Output With Respect To The Relation With The Input?

  • What Is Static Characteristics Of Instruments?

  • Which One Is Less Complex? Digital To Analog Conversion Or Analog To Digital Conversion?

  • Which Is Portable And Cheaper – Micro Controller Or Plc?

  • Which Type Of Memory Which Is Fast And Temporarily Stores The Data Which Are Immediately Required For Use?

  • What Is The Work Of Accumulator In 8085?

  • Explain Encoder Definition?

  • Would You Say Me, Selecting Mechatronics Engineering Will Be Useful To My Career In This Present Society?

  • Why Resistance Has Colour Code?

  • What Are The Design Stages In Mechatronics?

  • Why Stepper Motor Is Required?

  • Tell Some Advantages And Limitations Of Mechatronics?

  • As A Mechatronic Supervisor In Field,& As A Graduate Student Of Mechatronic, What We Have To Know? Mean Topics, Matters & Other Things?

  • Would You Say Me Selecting Mechatronics Engineering Will Be Useful To My Career In This Present Society?

  • What Is Difference Between Plc And Logic Card?

  • What Is The Meaning Of Certification Cost?

  • What Is The U Value?