Materialize Interview Questions & Answers

Materialize Interview Questions

Materialize is principally css framework which is used to make responsive websites. Materialize framework is mainly built on google's material design concept. Want to build your career in materialize then we in wisdomjobs have provided you with the complete details about materialize interview question and answers along with that we also provide various job roles that you can apply. If you are familiar with materialize then there are many companies that offer jobs roles like warehouse incharge, sales manager, store incharge along with that there are many other rules that you can apply too. One must work hard to clear any type of interview so to make it simple we have provided every details about Materalize jobs in wisdom jobs site so feel free to visit our job site.

Materialize Interview Questions And Answers

Materialize Interview Questions
    1. Question 1. What Is Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      Materialize CSS is a CSS framework which contains library files. It is created with CSS, JavaScript and HTML. It is used to create attractive, reliable, and functional webpages and web apps.

    2. Question 2. When Was Materialize Css Released?

      Answer :

      Materialized CSS was released on 8 November 2015.

    3. Question 3. What Are The Salient Features Of Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      Following is a list of some salient features of Materialize CSS:

      • It contains In-built responsive designing.
      • It provides standard CSS with minimal footprint.
      • It provides new versions of common user interface controls such as buttons, checkboxes, and text fields adapted to follow Material Design concepts.
      • It facilitates enhanced and specialized features such as cards, tabs, navigation bars, toasts, and so on.
      • It is free to use and requires jQuery JavaScript library to function properly.
      • It is cross-browser supported, and can be used to create reusable web components.

    4. Question 4. How Do We Use Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      There are two methods to use Materialize CSS:

      Local Installation: It is achieved by downloading the materialize.min.css and materialize.min.js files on our local machine and include them in your HTML code.

      CDN Based Version: By including the materialize.min.css and materialize.min.js files into our HTML code directly from the Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    5. Question 5. Which Are The Different Utility Classes In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      A list of different Utility classes in Materialize CSS:

      Color utility classes: Examples: .red, .green, .grey etc.

      Alignment utility classes: Examples: .valign-wrapper, .left-align, .right-align, .center-align, .left, .right etc.

      Hiding Content utility classes as per device size: Examples: .hide, .hide-on-small-only, .hide-on-med-only etc.

      Formatting utility classes: Examples: truncate, hoverable etc.

    6. Question 6. Which Classes Are Used To Create Responsive Images And Videos In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      List of classes used to create responsive images and videos in Materialize CSS:

      responsive-img: This class is used to create an responsive image.

      video-container: This class is used to create responsive container. That has embedded videos.

      responsive-video: This class is used to create HTML5 videos responsive.

    7. Question 7. What Is Badge In Materialize Css? What Is The Use Of Badges Classes?

      Answer :

      A badge is a component which is used to provide an onscreen notification. It can be a number or icon. It is used to emphasize the number of items.

      The following classes of Badges are used in Materialize CSS:

      badge: It identifies element as an MDL badge component.

      new: It is used to add a new class to badge component.

    8. Question 8. What Are The Classes Of Breadcrumb In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      Materialize CSS provides two classes for BreadCrumb:

      nav-wrapper: It is used to set the nav component as breadcrumb/nav bar wrapper.

      breadcrumb: It is used to set the anchor element as breadcrumb.

    9. Question 9. What Is Chip In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      Chip is a component of Materialize CSS which represents a small set of information like a tag does.

    10. Question 10. How Can You Create A Pagination In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      You can create a pagination in Materialize CSS by using pagination class. This class is used with ul element.


      <ul class="pagination">    

         <li class="disabled"><a href="#!"><i class="material-icons">chevron_left</i></a></li>    

      <li class="active"><a href="#!">1</a></li>    

      <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">2</a></li>    

      <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">3</a></li>    

      <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">4</a></li>    

      <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">5</a></li>    

      <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!"><i class="material-icons">chevron_right</i></a></li>    


    11. Question 11. What Are The Dropdown Classes In Materialize Css?

      Answer :

      There are two types of dropdown classes in Materialize CSS:

      • dropdown-content: It Identifies <u> HTML tag as an materialize dropdown component.
      • data-activates: It is id of the dropdown ul element.

    12. Question 12. What Are The Classes To Create Responsive Image And Video In Materialize?

      Answer :

      There are following classes to create responsive and video that are listed table:

      • responsive-img: This class is used to create an responsive image.
      • video-container: It is used to create responsive container. That has embedded videos.
      • responsive-video: It is used to create HTML5 videos responsive.

    13. Question 13. What Do You Mean By Dialogs In Materialize?

      Answer :

      Materialize provides various method to show unremarkable alerts. It also provides a term toast form them.

      Following is given syntax:

      Materialize.toast(message, display Length, className, complete Callback);  


      message: It is used to displayed Message to the user.

      displayLength: Duration of the message after it will disappear.

      className: Style class to be applied to the toast. For example, 'rounded'.

      complete Callback: This Callback method to be called once toast is dismissed.

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