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Internal Marketing Audit

The internal marketing audit is specifically aimed at reviewing the marketing activities of the enterprise and is split into five distinct areas :

  • Marketing strategy audit :This analysis examines the organization’s current corporate and marketing objectives to establish if the yare relevant and explicit. The current strategy is evaluated in terms of its fit with the set objectives. This element of the audit also highlights whether adequate resources have been allocated for the successful implementation of the strategy.
  • Marketing structures audit :This examines the structure of the marketing function and its relationship with other areas of the business.In particular, the profile that the marketing function has within the business is reviewed. For instance, is the head of marketing a member of the board of directors? This is an indicator of how influential marketing considerations are in strategic decisions. Communication both within the marketing function and between marketing and other functions should also be analysed to see how effective the function is at coordinating its activities. The internal structure should be examined to establish whether marketing activities are carried out efficiently.
  • Marketing systems audit :This part of the audit inspects the planning systems, control measures and new product development processes in the organization, as well as examining the information systems that support these activities.
  • Productivity audit :This element of the audit examines the organization’s activities using financial criteria such as profitability and cost effectiveness
  • applied to assess the relative productivity of products, market sectors, distribution channels and geographic markets.
  • Marketing functions audit :This element of the audit looks in detail at all aspects of the marketing mix: the products and services the organization produces, pricing policy, distribution arrangements, the organization of the sales team, advertising policy, public relations and other promotional activities.

Hierarchy of asset sand competencies for a consumer goods company supplying major retail outlets

Hierarchy of asset sand competencies for a consumer goods company supplying major retail outlets

One other area that should be examined is the organization’s innovation activities. These abilities may have been identified at the initial stage in the audit when wider organizational resources were reviewed. However, this area is of increasing importance to organizations and deserves further attention.

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