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Over a period of time, it is likely that an organization will be required to undertake actions to improve the performance of a brand. This can occur for a number of reasons such as the advent of new technology, changing consumer behaviour or new competition. The options open to a company in these circumstances are either to increase sales volume or to raise the brand’s profitability. Brand revitalization and brand repositioning are two approaches that can be employed to increase the sales volume of a brand.

Brand revitalization involves gaining sales volume by expanding the market for a brand. Four significant opportunities exist that can expand a market:

  • Enter new markets :One approach is to expand into new geographical areas. Inborn, the Scottish soft drinks, brand has recently expanded into the Russian market as a way of increasing sales.
  • Exploit new market segments :Once the initial market segment has been fully exploited a company can then expand by targeting new market segments. Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo was stagnating until they moved the brand into a new market segment of adults who wash their hair frequently.
  • Increase the frequency of use :This can be achieved by actions such as:
    appealing to consumers to use products on new occasions. Kellogg have been attempting to increase sales of their Cornflakes brand by promoting the proposition that the product should be eaten as a supper-time snack as well as a breakfast cereal. providing incentives to purchase, such as frequent-flyer programmes which promote the sale of airline tickets.
  • Increase quantity used :This can be achieved by: increasing the size of the ‘normal-sized container’such as the popcorn or soft drink containers offered in cinemas. If consumers acceptthis size as normal then consumption will increase.
  • Undertaking advertising campaigns promoting largerportions as normal, such as Weetablix suggesting eating three Weetabix at a time rather than two. removing barriers to consumption. Thus companies can offer low calorie chocolate or soft drinks as a way of removing a major obstruction to consumer purchase.

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