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The trend in logistics planning has been to minimize levels of stock held. One of the problems for Internet marketers is that although it is easy to place an order, many sometimes fail to deliver. In the run-up to Christmas 2009, some disgruntled customers who ordered Christmas presents via the Internet found they were not going to be delivered until the middle of January. Internet supply requires holding larger stocks than would be considered ‘normal’ in conventional channel systems. However, it has beneficial effects on managing logistics. Effective supply chain management requires good communication between channel members and from the extent to which the Internet facilitates this we see advantages that accrue through the application of Internet technology to logistics.

International/global sourcing

Global aspects of marketing are covered. A trend with regard to logistics and supply chain management has been the growth of a more international and global outlook with regard to sourcing. In part this is a reflection of a more global outlook in company operations, but it has also been facilitated by developments in communication, transport and infrastructure which make it easier for the marketer to consider sourcing components and supplies from any part of the world according to which offers the best competitive advantage.

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