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Its main function is sales force support which is done by a regular supply of information, following up queries and attention to matters arising from sales representatives’ reports. Responsibilities vary according to the nature of the company and its products, but most sales offices have the same basic managerial responsibilities and the sales office should fit the needs of the organization. The office is normally under the control of a sales office manager and responsibilities include:

  • general correspondence dealing with matters like quotations, complaints, requests for information and queries about individual orders;
  • maintaining records of customer accounts and correspondence;
  • preparation of activity budgets in financial terms for the forthcoming period;
  • sales statistics;
  • planning administration of the sales office and the sales force;
  • organizing day-to-day work – handling orders, correspondence, complaints, administering to needs of the sales force, control and administration of the sales force in matters such as examination of expenses and reports;
  • in some companies, an estimating department to which purchase enquiries are submitted (this is sometimes the responsibility of the sales office);
  • distribution arrangements and arranging for the handling and storage of goods;
  • keeping records of progress and sometimes the ledger accounts of customers;
  • planning, co-ordinating and communicating the sales plan.

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