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This approach to repositioning is often done to revitalize a brand which is losing sales/market share and/or has approached the end of its product life. This type of repositioning does not target new customers, but seeks rather to update the image and/or features of a brand. A good example of a brand which has been updated consistently over its life is ‘OXO’ which has changed its image, particularly through advertising, to reflect changing social and family attitudes.

Repositioning to attract new customers

Sometimes a company may deliberately reposition a brand to attract new customers. This may often involve significant changes to one or more of the marketing mix elements. This might be to take account of market dynamics or revitalize flagging sales. An example of repositioning is ‘Lucozade’ which over time has been repositioned from being for ill people to a brand that is for the fit and healthy, particularly where they participate in physical activities. An important consideration in such repositioning is the effect it has on existing customers and sales.

Innovative repositioning

Sometimes a marketer can create a new position in a market by introducing new criteria for brand choice based on attributes in which the marketer is strong e.g. Volvo has kept ahead of competition by deliberately positioning their products on the basis of the ‘safety’ attribute. Sometimes innovative repositioning can come up with entirely new attributes, e.g. Daewoo successfully introduced the notion of ‘no hassle’ showroom staff who sell cars.

Competitor depositioning

Here strategy is essentially based on repositioning competitor brands rather than changing the position of one’s own brand. This means altering the perceived position of competitive brands from the perspective of customers. Competitor depositioning means repositioning competitor brands in a less favourable light, but it should be approached with caution because of legal implications where a competitive brand is denigrated through advertising, so facts must be checked to ensure accuracy. Sometimes it is safer to deposition competitors by more subtle veiled comparisons involving competitor brands.

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