International marketing management: differences and special issues - Marketing Management

The main concepts and techniques of marketing management apply both in domestic and international markets. Many of the steps in strategic marketing planning – analysing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, research and appraising markets and customers, segmentation and targeting, the management of the marketing mix – apply in both situations. Even though the principles of marketing management are the same, there are some additional important issues that arise once a company begins to extend its marketing operations beyond its national boundaries. The areas of marketing management and planning where there are inherent differences between domestic and international marketing management. We can see that there are differences between domestic and international marketing management. Many of these differences and additional complexities stem simply from operating in markets with a different environment to that encountered in the domestic market. Of particular significance in this respect are the differences which arise from the cultural and social elements of the environment. Because of this importance we now consider these factors in more detail.

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