Global Marketing Introduction - Marketing Management

International and global marketing activities continue to grow to the extent that virtually every marketing manager in today’s competitive environment is involved in, or is affected by international and global issues. For this reason, the contemporary marketing manager who does not understand the nature and significance of international marketing and how to plan strategically for these markets, is deficient in the skills required of a modern professional marketing manager.

This chapter seeks to address some of these key issues and skills required when managing marketing programmes in international markets. It is important to stress that this chapter only gives an overview of the issues and skills associated with international marketing management. As such, we are focused on what we believe to be some of the key contemporary issues in international marketing and some of the key decision areas and considerations when developing marketing strategies in these markets. Students and managers who are interested in acquiring a more detailed knowledge in this area are advised to consult one of the specialist texts in this increasingly complex region of marketing. We start by examining some of the background to the growth in international trade and marketing and some of the reasons put forward as to why companies and nations become involved in such activities.

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