Customer Care And Relationship Marketing Introduction - Marketing Management

Marketing is an evolving body of thought and practice. We have seen that marketing is a concept and a management function that has developed over the years. We have seen how use of the marketing concept and tools has widened from its original primary application in marketing consumer goods in profit-seeking organizations to spread to industrial markets, service markets and not-forprofit organizations. Similarly, we have seen how new technology and technological developments are changing the practice of marketing. So much is happening with regard to developments in contemporary marketing thinking and practice that it is difficult to select what are the most important and far-reaching of these for the modern marketer. However, among the most significant changes in recent years have been the interlinked developments of an increased emphasis on customer care activities, coupled with the growth of relationship marketing (RM). Developments in these areas represent what constitutes an almost seismic shift in marketing thinking and practice. Why this is so we shall see shortly, together with the implications of this shift. We start with customer care. It is important to stress that these two areas of contemporary marketing are interrelated. The term customer relationship management (CRM) is also used to link relationship marketing to customer care.

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