Consumer And Organizational Buyer Behaviour And Marketing Strategy Introduction - Marketing Management

Environmental factors, company resources and competitive forces are key inputs into strategic marketing decision making. A key element in strategic marketing planning is an understanding of the buyer behaviour of individuals or organizations in the market. In this, and the following chapter, we consider markets and customers and how they behave with regard to purchase decisions. The focus of this chapter is upon both consumer and organizational decision making. Marketers are concerned with how groups of customers behave and which groups they can best serve. In addition to understanding individual purchasing behaviour, the marketer must also understand the seemingly simple, but quite complex, concept of how individual needs combine to form markets and market segments. These concepts and the related issues of market targeting and positioning. Here, we investigate buyer behaviour, and develop its strategic implications throughout the text. We also consider how to research buyer behaviour, and examine buyer behaviour in the strategic marketing process. First, it is important to look at the scope of buyer behaviour and to understand the complex nature of the subject area.

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