Application of an MkIS - Marketing Management

Tactical applications are in areas like customer loyalty measures, generation of sales leads, testing price levels, promotional effectiveness and customer segmentation. When analysing the most profitable consumer profile for a product or service, the analyst can locate a list of actual and prospective customers with those characteristics. Promotional material can then be targeted to the specific needs of the identified market segments.

Sales force activities can be better co-ordinated by selecting the contact tactics most suitable for different groups of customers. Customer loyalty can be built up through logging all customer contacts which will provide an opportunity for repeat sales and maximizing sales of other company product lines. For example, through an effective marketing information system the marketer can build up a detailed profile of customers for the sales force.

This can include details such as: the composition and operation of the decision-making unit (DMU), company-specific purchasing policies and procedures, average order size and effects of special promotions. Clearly, this type of information puts the salesperson in a much stronger position when approaching and selling to customers. Strategic applications where information is used to develop strategic plans especially in areas of targeting, new product development and direct marketing. An effective MkIS generates huge amounts of customer and market data. It thus has the potential to input into marketing policy and can be seen to operate strategically when its information is used in the ways.

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