Marketing Management Tutorial

What is marketing management tutorial?

Marketing Management is called as an organizational discipline which deals with the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods in enterprises and organizations. This tutorial explains about various methodologies used in marketing management.


This tutorial is targeted for management students who wish to seek basics of Marketing Management and professionals, especially managers, aspirants of entrepreneurship.


To learn this tutorial one must be aware of basis of business and management studies.

Development Of A Strategic Approach To Marketing: Its Culture; Internal Macro- And External Micro-environmental Issues Development Of A Strategic Approach To Marketing Introduction The Origin And Development Of Marketing Marketing Orientation Marketing Management Analysis The Need For A Strategic Approach To Marketing The Concept Of Strategic Business Units Strategic Marketing Planning Steps And Inputs To Developing A Strategic Marketing Plan Trends And Developments In Marketing Concepts And Applications Markets And Customers: Consumer And Organizational Buyer Behaviour And Marketing Strategy Consumer And Organizational Buyer Behaviour And Marketing Strategy Introduction The Scope And Complexity Of Buyer Behaviour Buyer Behaviour Models Researching Buyer Behaviour Model Of Consumer Buyer Behaviour Organizational Buying Behaviour Trends In Organizational Purchasing Strategic Implications Of Buyer Behaviour Markets And Customers: Market Boundaries; Target Marketing Target Marketing Introduction The Concept Of A Market: Defining Market Boundaries Customer Functions, Technology And Customer Group-based Definitions Market Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Advantages Of Target Marketing: Criteria For Effective Segmentation Steps In Target Marketing Developments In Consumer Segmentation Techniques: Databases, One-to-one Marketing And The Internet Bases For Segmenting Organizational/industrial Markets Segment Evaluation: Choice Of Targeting Strategies And Market Targets Targeting Strategies Repositioning Within Existing Segments Product And Innovation Strategies Product And Innovation Strategies Introduction Elements Of Product Strategy Product Mix Decisions Product Life Cycle Using The Life Cycle Concept Implementing Product Strategies Managing The Product Line: New Product Development; Product Life Cycle Extension Strategies Service Products New Product Development And Innovation The Meaning And Scope Of Innovation Technological Forecasting Developing And Launching New Products The Internet And New Product Development Pricing Strategies Pricing Strategies Introduction The Economist’s View Of Pricing A Framework For Pricing Decisions: Key Inputs Cost Considerations Competitor Considerations Pricing Methods Pricing/marketing Strategies For Different Competitive Positions Pricing Of Services Clues To Effective Pricing Strategies Developments And Further Issues In Pricing Concepts And Practice Channels Of Distribution And Logistics Channels Of Distribution And Logistics Introduction The Consumer Wants Cycle The Producer–user Gap Demand Stimulus Distribution System Design Strategic Channel Choices Types And Classification Of Channels Structure Of Marketing Channels Flows In Marketing Channels Channel Co-ordination Channel Conflict The Dynamic Nature Of Channels Physical Distribution And Logistics Designing And Operating A Business Logistics System: Marketing Strategy Implications Developments And Trends In Logistics The Internet Communications Strategy Communications Strategy Introduction Understanding Marketing Communications Implications Of The Communications Process Marketing Communications Planning Marketing Communications Strategies Advertising Scope And Objectives Of Sales Promotion Public Relations And Sponsorship Sales Management Sales Management Introduction Role Of The Sales Force Types Of Sales Force Types Of Selling Job Role Of Selling Within Marketing Recruitment And Selection Of Salespeople Training The Sales Sequence: The Seven Steps Model Effective Communication Requirements Managing And Controlling The Sales Force Sales Performance Remuneration Sales Force Size Sales Office Administration Developments In Selling And Sales Management Growth Of Relationship Marketing Customer Care And Relationship Marketing Customer Care And Relationship Marketing Introduction Customer Care Steps In Establishing A Customer Care Programme Customer Care And The Marketing Process Customer Care And Quality Customer Care And Customer Service Relationship Marketing Relationship Marketing And Transactional Marketing Compared And Contrasted Branding And Relationship Marketing The Implications Of Relationship Marketing Direct Marketing Direct Marketing Introduction Objectives Of Direct Marketing Scope Of Direct Marketing Direct Mail Direct Response Advertising Practical Aspects Of Database Marketing Consumer Direct Mail Business Direct Mail Mail Order Using The Internet As A Direct Marketing Tool Telephone Marketing Other Direct Marketing Applications Direct Personal Selling Multi-level Marketing (mlm) Sales Forecasting Sales Forecasting Introduction Aid To Marketing Planning Short, Medium And Long-term Forecasting Corporate Objectives Functional Objectives Sales Budgets And Their Uses Need For Profit Planning And Its Derivation Techniques Of Forecasting Appropriateness Of Technique Chosen Measures Of Value Or Volume? Importance Of Accurate Forecasts The Sales Forecasting System The Time Factor Marketing Information Systems And Research Marketing Information Systems And Research Introduction Information Requirements Inputs To The Mkis The Market Intelligence System The Marketing Research System Industrial Marketing Research (b2b) International Marketing Research The Research Brief And The Research Proposal Need For An Mkis Application Of An Mkis Developments In Marketing Information Systems Technology: Databases Analysing The Environment: (opportunities And Threats) And Appraising Resources (strengths And Weaknesses) Analysing The Environment Introduction Importance Of Analysing The Environment Range And Level Of Environmental Factors Intra-firm Environment Micro-environment Macro-environment Environmental Scanning Strategic Decision Making Forecasting The Future Assessing The Impact Of Environmental Trends Traditional View Of Competitive Industry Structures Strategic Group Analysis The Concept Of Value Chains Profiling Systems In Evaluating Strengths And Weaknesses Relationship To Other Areas Of Strategic Marketing Planning Evaluating And Controlling Strategic Marketing Evaluating And Controlling Strategic Marketing Introduction The Essentials Of The Control Process The Control Process In Action Key Areas For Control In Marketing The Marketing Audit Strategic Marketing Planning Tools Strategic Marketing Planning Tools Introduction Porter’s Model Of Industry/market Evolution Arthur D. Little’s Industry Maturity/competitive Position Matrix The Experience Curve Effect In Strategic Marketing Planning Comprehensive Tools Of Strategic Marketing Planning The Boston Consulting Group’s (bcg) Growth/share Matrix The Mckinsey/general Electric Business Screen The Shell Directional Policy Matrix The Product Life Cycle Portfolio Matrix Profit Impact Of Marketing Strategy (pims) Green Portfolio Analysis Global Marketing Global Marketing Introduction The Growth Of International/global Marketing International Marketing Definitions: Levels Of Involvement In International Marketing International Marketing Management: Differences And Special Issues Cultural And Social Forces In International Marketing International Marketing Strategies And Decisions The Extent Of Involvement And Commitment To International Markets Methods Of Market Entry The Marketing Mix Strategies To Be Used Marketing Organization And Implementation For Developing International Markets International Marketing Research And Information Systems Services Marketing And Not-for-profit Marketing Services Marketing And Not-for-profit Marketing Introduction Services Marketing Service Product Characteristics: Intangibility And Non-ownership Inseparability Perishability Variability The Marketing Mix For Services Implications For Marketing Of Service Products Not-for-profit Marketing Marketing Management Interview Questions Marketing Management Practice Tests