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What is MariaDB?

A database application differs from the main application and stores data collections. It is important that each database should have one or multiple APIs for the creation, access, management, search, and replication of the data it contains.
While many databases uses non-relational data sources like objects or files. Relational database management systems, or RDBMS, stores various data in multiple tables. You can find relationships between these tables with the help of primary keys and foreign keys.

What are the features of RDBMS?

Here are some important features of RDBMS:
  • RDBMS supports a data source with tables, columns, and indices.
  • They enables the integrity of references across rows of multiple tables.
  • They automatically update indices.
  • They interpret SQL queries and operations in manipulating or sourcing data from tables.

RDBMS Terminology

Let’s have a look at the RDBMS terminology which is used in MariaDB:
  • Database − A database is a data source consisting of tables holding related data.
  • Table − A table, meaning a spreadsheet, is a matrix containing data.
  • Column − A column, meaning data element, is a structure holding data of one type; for example, shipping dates.
  • Row − A row is a structure grouping related data; for example, data for a customer. It is also known as a tuple, entry, or record.
  • Redundancy − This term refers to storing data twice in order to accelerate the system.
  • Primary Key − This refers to a unique, identifying value. This value cannot appear twice within a table, and there is only one row associated with it.
  • Foreign Key − A foreign key serves as a link between two tables.
  • Compound Key − A compound key, or composite key, is a key that refers to multiple columns. It refers to multiple columns due to a column lacking a unique quality.
  • Index − An index is virtually identical to the index of a book.
  • Referential Integrity − This term refers to ensuring all foreign key values point to existing rows.

What is MARIA Database?

MariaDB is one of the MySQL database servers. It is a relational database management system developed by the original developers of MySQL. This Here you will learn about MariaDB, and aid you in achieving a high level of comfort with MariaDB programming and administration. To drop and replace MySQL just need to uninstall of MySQL and an install of MariaDB.

Key Features of MariaDB

The important features of MariaDB are −
  • All of MariaDB is under GPL, LGPL, or BSD.
  • MariaDB includes a wide selection of storage engines, including high-performance storage engines, for working with other RDBMS data sources.
  • MariaDB uses a standard and popular querying language.
  • MariaDB runs on a number of operating systems and supports a wide variety of programming languages.
  • MariaDB offers support for PHP, one of the most popular web development languages.
  • MariaDB offers Galera cluster technology.
  • MariaDB also offers many operations and commands unavailable in MySQL, and eliminates/replaces features impacting performance negatively.

How to get started?

To learn MariaDB tutorial you should have basic knowledge of PHP and HTML tutorials.
To learn this tutorial you must have basic understanding of relational database management systems, querying languages, MySQL, and general programming.

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