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What is Mantis My View?

Once you logging into Mantis, My View page is displayed. This page is customized by Admin. As per the requirement the admin is enabled to set the access to Mantis. Here Admin has the access to change the logo, name, and access of information on role/individual basis.

You can see the navigation bar, appear at the top of Mantis page, which will be the same across all pages/screens of Mantis. Find the Report Issues, Invite Users, Administrator and Help are the main links of the navigation bar.

You can also find the various sections appear on the Menu bar (top to bottom on the left side). These sections are important parts of Mantis and include all major functionalities. Menu bar includes following sections − My View, View Issues, Report Issue, Change Log, Roadmap, Summary, and Manage.

Let’s see the Menu bar and down to Navigation bar, main informative section which belongs to My View page. All other pages are static only Navigation bar section is not static.

The use can see logged issues in different sections such as Assigned to Me, Unassigned, Reported by Me, Resolved, Recently Modified, and Monitored by Me.

Here the If you want to navigate to any particular issue then click on the issue ID and name.

Find the getting started guide on the right side of the page. Here, new users are enabled to earn the basic functionalities to start with Mantis. You can also go through the few minutes’ tutorial to know more details about how to maintain the Project structure.

The following screenshot shows the overview of My View page of Mantis.


Let’s find the another section called timeline under the Getting started section.

This is a gateway to find the weekly activities are performed during a week or a given timeline such as who has created issues, how many issues are created, who recently picked which issue, etc.

The following screenshot displays the Timeline section of My View page.


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