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How to manage various teams?

A newly promoted manager , as become a team player who has an important role to be played in the management, as being the manager ad as the leader of the team.

Even in this situation also manager has to face the challenge with respect to loyalty in the events of conflicts between the management and the team. But the place of the manager is being associated with two positive features. They are -

  • The manager is in a position to change the inappropriate decisions which the manager was not able to do at the execute level.
  • The manager has the authority to access the desired data which was not allowed when the manager was an executive.

The vision of the person should be farther when climbed more up on a tree. For any specific issue, the justification can be easily made by the manager.

Managing Teams

The things that seem to be broken down completely, tend to start working when adjustments and manipulations have been done. The newly promoted manager in order to convince the higher management may come up with some of the reforms related to the repairing of the broken system that may be department related as well.

It is very important for the new managers that, they need to set the priorities initially and then coordinate with the executives as well as with the senior management for accomplishing the tasks and resolving the issues. Some of the issues tend to be more complicated. It requires more careful planning, patience and more concentration to come up with the solutions for the issues.


Information flow also constitutes a major challenge to the newly promoted manager. Flawless communication can be maintained by the manager by working closely with the management team and also with other teams. It is the responsibility of the manager to disseminate the information from the higher management to the other teams. This helps the manager in gaining the respect and thus leads to the productivity of the team.

Being an executive, the roles and responsibilities of an executive were clear. They were assigned specific tasks which were completed within a specified period of time and job was completely controlled by the executive solely and thus targets were achieved. The experience of the executive has made to increase the knowledge about the job and increase the confidence levels.

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