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How the manager manages the team?

One of the important and biggest challenges for the manager who has been newly promoted is managing the team with whom the manager was a part and working with, till few days ago. This scenario of managing the people who were the mates earlier may lead to several challenges.

Positive Aspects of a Newly-appointed Manager

As the newly-promoted manager is with the team and working as one of the team members, the pros and cons of the team are very well known to the manager. This can be considered as valuable asset as it helps a lot to the newly promoted manager when the jobs are delegated. This also helps the newly-promoted manager is easily planning out a training and development program as the manager is very much aware of the team members and their skill areas and the areas that are to be improved.

The newly promoted manager will be the one recommended by the team and so the manager is liked by all the team members and has a good reputation within the team. With this relationship it is very helpful for the newly promoted manager to discuss with the team about the issues. This also facilitates the team with good support by the manager for solving the problems and also in achieving the goals. The manager is newly promoted only when it is identified by the senior management that the person possess the managerial and leadership qualities, along with this the manager has the support from his team. Both these aspect enhance the credibility of the manager within the management team.

newly Appointed Manager

When a person is newly appointed as a manager, it implies that it was done within overnight. Even though a separate room may not be made available to the manager, he remains in the same place, but only the roles and responsibilities of the person are changed. At the same time, many adjustments have to be made as the newly promoted manager lacks the managerial experience and practice. Here the management should come into picture, help the manager and guide the manager with the new role and responsibilities and make him comfortable.

As the manager is new and not experienced, at initial stages the manager should work by putting more efforts and attention even for some of the basic tasks also. During this transition phase from executive to manager, the manager has to face many challenges. Some of the basic challenges faced are -

  • Management of Friends
  • Management of Non-allies and
  • Managing the senior members of the team

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