Choosing a Manager - Managing the Manager

How to choose a manager?

The managers in any organization are selected by the senior management on the basis of the opinion of the subordinates and also by analyzing the person. The person is analyzed on the basis of the characteristics of a good manager or of a great leader.

Some of the behaviours and characteristics of a being an ideal manager is as follows -

  • To be customer-credible
  • Must be attentive towards the job
  • Must be driven by the internal motivators
  • Should behave politely with the subordinates and clients
  • Empathetic towards everybody
  • Passionate towards the designation
  • Should be engaged in the job with enthusiasm
  • Equipped with attractive presentation skill
  • Should be a good listener

The new managers must be thought about the art of managing and importance aspect of consideration is how to teach the managers.

Art of Managing

How to channel the Inner Manager?

There are mainly five elements of skill management which a manager should be empowered with. They are as follows -

  • Good communication skills.
  • Efficient presentation skills.
  • Strong command over the company’s process.
  • Efficiency in doing Business, and
  • A mastery over industry operation and the marketplace.

Inner Manager

When an employee turns out to be manager, it does not imply that he is completely removed from the profile he was handling earlier. It is the responsibility of the manager to ensure that the target is met and the clients are satisfied while ensuring the performance of the team.

The manager when he was an executive has built the rapport and developed many relationships with the clients and the companies does not want to lose any relations only because of the reason that the employee has now become a manager.

In such companies, the manager even after becoming a manager has to be getting involved with the clients during the complete process. For some of the high-profile clients the manager turns out to a single point of contact.

What are the exclusive qualities of a Manager?

Some of the exclusive characteristics of the manager turn him into an ideal manager. Some of such characteristics and qualities are ambition towards targets achievement, care the subordinates. The employees with such qualities are continuously observed such that they can be promoted as managers.

  • A manager should be self-motivated and should always be process-driven. He should believe in doing business ethically.
  • A manager should be very understanding and he should stand of the side of the staff and always support the staff. As it is the staff that turns out to be the weapons for the managers.
  • A manager should be a all rounder by always motivating the sales team, coordinate with other departments and should be supportive to the staff and the clients.
  • A manager should be always empathetic.

Last but not the least, the managers should be always work-driven, should be moral and need to solve the problems patiently. The manager to become a result-oriented, he should be a process-oriented person.

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