Managerial Economics Tutorial

What is Managerial economics tutorial?

Managerial economics deals with the application of economic concepts and economic analysis related to the rational managerial decisions. This tutorial provides an approach related to the topics of managerial economics such as micro, macro, and managerial economic relationship; demand forecasting, production and cost analysis, market structure and pricing theory.


This tutorial is targeted for management students who wish to seek business concepts. It provides overall understanding of the major topics of management economics.


To learn this tutorial one must be familiar with the related concepts explained here with a basic knowledge of management studies.

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Introduction How Is Managerial Economics Useful? Theory Of The Firm Constraints And The Theory Of The Firm Limitations Of The Theory Of The Firm Profit Measurement Why Do Profits Vary Among Firms? Compensatory Theory Of Economic Profits Role Of Business In Society Value Maximization Theory Of The Firm Basic Economic Relations Economic Optimization Process Basic Economic Relations Marginal Analysis In Decision Making Practical Applications Of Marginal Analysis Incremental Concept In Economic Analysis Statistical Analysis Of Economic Relations Population Parameters Sample Statistics Mean Median In Economics What Is Mode? Comparing Measures Of Central Tendency Differences Between The Mean, Median, And Mode Range Variance And Standard Deviation Coefficient Of Variation Means Tests For Large Samples Means Tests For Small Samples What Is A Statistical Relation? Specifying The Regression Model Standard Error Of The Estimate The Corrected Coefficient Of Determination, R2 The F Statistic Judging Variable Significance Demand And Supply Basis For Demand Market Demand Function Demand Curve Basis For Supply Market Supply Function Market Equilibrium Comparative Statics Demand Analysis And Estimation Demand Sensitivity Analysis: Elasticity Price Elasticity Of Demand Price Elasticity And Marginal Revenue Price Elasticity And Optimal Pricing Policy Cross-price Elasticity Of Demand Income Elasticity Of Demand Additional Demand Elasticity Concepts Forecasting What Is Economic Forecasting? Common Types Of Forecasting Problems Qualitative Analysis Trend Analysis And Projection Business Cycle Exponential Smoothing Techniques Econometric Methods Judging Forecast Reliability Choosing The Best Forecast Technique Production Analysis And Compensation Policy Production Functions Total, Marginal, And Average Product Law Of Diminishing Returns To A Factor Input Combination Choice Marginal Revenue Product And Optimal Employment Input Demand Function Optimal Combination Of Multiple Inputs Optimal Levels Of Multiple Inputs Returns To Scale Production Function Estimation Productivity Measurement Cost Analysis And Estimation What Makes Cost Analysis Difficult? Opportunity Costs Incremental In Decision Analysis Sunk Costs In Decision Analysis Short-run And Long-run Costs Short-run Cost Curves Long-run Cost Curves Minimum Efficient Scale Firm Size And Plant Size Learning Curves Economies Of Scope Cost-volume-profit Analysis Linear Programming Basic Assumptions Production Planning For A Single Product Production Planning For Multiple Products Graphic Specification And Solution Algebraic Specification And Solution Dual Objective Function Constrained Cost Minimization Another Lp Example Perfect Competition And Monopoly Contrast Between Perfect Competition And Monopoly Factors That Determine The Level Of Competition Perfect Competition What Is Monoploy Countervailing Power: The Monopoly/ Monopsony Confrontation Measurement Of Business Profit Rates Link Between Market Structure And Business Profit Rates Competitive Strategy In Perfectly Competitive And Monopoly Markets Monopolistic Competition And Oligopoly Contrast Between Monopolistic Competition And Oligopoly Monopolistic Competition Illustration Of Monopolistically Competitive Equilibrium Oligopoly Nonprice Competition Game Theory Market Structure Measurement Census Measures Of Market Concentration Competitive Strategy In Monopolistic Competition And Oligopoly Markets Pricing Practices Markup Pricing Markup Pricing And Profit Maximization Price Discrimination Price Discrimination Example Multiple-unit Pricing Strategies Multiple-product Pricing Example Of Joint Product Pricing Transfer Pricing Global Transfer Pricing Example Riddles In Pricing Practice Regulation Of The Market Economy Competition And The Role Of Government Regulatory Response To Incentive Failures Who Pays The Costs Of Regulation? Regulatory Response To Structural Failures Antitrust Policy Problems With Regulation Deregulation Movement Regulatory Reform For The New Millennium Risk Analysis Concepts Of Risk And Uncertainty Probability Concepts Standard Normal Concept Utility Theory And Risk Analysis Adjusting The Valuation Model For Risk Decision Trees And Computer Simulation Uses Of Game Theory In Risk Analysis Capital Budgeting Capital Budgeting Process Steps In Capital Budgeting Cash Flow Estimation Example Capital Budgeting Decision Rules Choosing Among Alternative Projects Cost Of Capital Optimal Capital Budget Public Management Rationale For Public Management Benefit-cost Analysis Additional Methods For Improving Public Management Macroeconomic Growth And Stabilization Policy Economic Growth Policy Trade Policy Public Management Of Health Care Managerial Economics Interview Questions Managerial Economics Practice Tests