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Accommodation facilities can be of many types, viz., hotels, motels, inns, guest houses, private hotels, establishments with bed and breakfast only, holiday camps, holiday and conference centres, paying guest accommodations, choultries, youth hostels, etc. Among them hotels are the most important. Almost all foreign tourists stay in some hotel or the other. The other types of accommodation are mainly used by the domestic tourists in addition to hotels. An attempt was made during the enquiry to find out the relative importance of these different types of accommodation for the domestic tourists.

It could be seen from the table that out of 500 respondents, 323 (65%) used hotels, 134 (27%) choultries, 75 (15%) stayed with friends and relatives, and so on. Hotels being the most important type of accommodation, a large number of tourists use them. Next to hotels, come choultries because they are free or cheap. Till recently most of the pilgrim centres in India had only public choultries meant for the devotees. Now the situation has changed. The concerned authorities are providing fairly comfortable paid accommodation, which is mainly meant for the masses. A survey conducted by the Indian Statistical Institute in 1982-83 revealed that 76.8% of foreign tourists preferred hotels. The relevant figures for youth hostels, host family accommodation, rent-free places and other categories were 4.3%, 12.5%, 1.5% and 4.8%.

As majority of the foreign tourists and about 65% of the domestic tourists, as seen above, use hotels, this class of accommodation is studied in detail.

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