Magento Setup Youtube Video - Magento

What is Magneto Setup YouTube Video?

In this chapter you will learn how to setup YouTube videos to your Magento store as shown in the following steps.

Step (1): Login to Magento Admin Panel.

Step (2): Go to CMS menu and click on Pages option.


Step (3): You will get the list of pages where you can create a new page or edit an existing page. Here we have selected the About Us page to add YouTube video in it.


Step (4): On the left menu, click on the Content option which displays the information of the page. The Show/Hide Editor button can be used to hide or show the editor.


Step (5): Open the website and find the video you want to add. There is a Share button under the video, click on it.


Step (6): Under the Share button, click on the embed link. It opens a small text area, then copy the code.


Step (7): Go to your page and paste the code which was copied from the embed field and click on the Save Page button.


Step (8): Open your website and you can see the video on the page you just edited.


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