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What's Magento Setup payment Plans?

PayPal is a secure manner for customers to pay online. this newsletter explains how to set up payments strategies in Magento. With PayPal and Magento, you could receive bills from credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal account holders.

the following steps describe the way to installation payments plans in Magento:

Step (1): Login in your Magento Admin Panel.

Step (2): go to device menu and click on at the Configuration option.


Step (3):On the left side of the navigation, click on the Payment Methods under Sales section.


In certain of the payment methods, there are certain common settings as stated below:

  • Enabled: This choice is used to allow or restrict the payment method.
  • Title: It states title for the payment method which will show during customer checkout and inside order emails and summaries.
  • New Order Status: It signifies the status of an order after processing of payment. It will display either Pending or processing choices.
  • Sort Order: Throughout checkout mechanism, it displays the position of the payment method in the list of all the payment choices.
  • Payment Applicable From: It chooses payment from all countries or some exact countries in which countries will offer the payment method you are configuring.
  • Minimum Order Total: It states minimum order amount available for the products order.
  • Maximum Order Total: It specifies maximum order amount available for the products order.

Step (4): Next under Merchant Location panel, set the merchant country from the dropdown menu.


Step (5): It provides following types of payment methods which adds PayPal as additional payment method to your checkout page.


Step (6): you can click the Configure button to make PayPal settings. Fill the email area with e-mail deal with that's associated with PayPal service provider account for accepting the bills and alongside all other required fields.


Step (7): The below screen shows you the Basic and Advanced settings of PayPal payments.


Step (8): beneath primary Settings, enter a title for the payment method, type Order option used to sort payment strategies within the checkout web page, payment action section gives to choose both Sale or Authorization or Order which defines how the payment could be processed within the PayPal fee gadget. beneath advanced Settings, select the price applicable From choice as All Allowed international locations and in conjunction with filling the all different required fields.

Step (9): the subsequent panel is stored CC which presents credit score card bills on your website.


  • Credit Card Types: It allows for selecting credit card types for the payment processing.
  • Request Card Security Code: It ask for the credit card's security code which makes fraud little harder by setting it to Yes.
  • 3D Secure Card Validation: It is an additional security functionality where customer needs to provide credit card password to complete the purchase order.

Step (10): Next is the Check/Money Order panel.


Set the values for Make Check Payable to and Send Check to options.

Step (11): The Zero Subtotal Checkout panel is a payment option that displays when order total is zero and not required to enter payment details for the customer.


Step (12): The Bank Transfer Payment panel contains one specific field called instructions which allows to enter bank account details that customer needs to transfer money to you.


Step (13): The Cash on Delivery Payment panel also contains one specific field called instructions which allows to list information related to the cash on delivery payment.


Step (14): The Purchase Order panel contains same options as mentioned above.


Step (15): subsequent, the Direct post panel contains a few other alternatives consisting of setting the payment action, API login identity for authorization, setting the transaction key and service provider name, placing the check mode to yes/No, Gateway URL of authorization, setting the accepting foreign money, email of client and merchant, styles of credit score card used for purchase, enable or disable the credit card verification as shown within the screen.


Step (16): The panel works as similar to the Direct Post panel, but only difference is that it allows for enable or disable of the 3D secure card validation on the credit cards which makes fraud little harder by setting it to Yes.


Step (17): After done with the settings, click on the Save Config button in top right corner to save your payment methods.


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