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What is Magneto Setup Order Emails?

This tutorial determines built-in how Magneto manages emails, how are we able to edit emails content material, set emails from and to parameters etc. Magento has built in functionality called built-in Emails which manages the emails despatched to clients while order is processed.

built-in steps describe how to setup order emails integrated Magento:

Step (1): Log built-into your integrated Magento Add integrated Panel.

Step (2): visit the built line integrated menu and click on Configuration alternative.


Step (3): On the left side of the navigation, go to Sales section and click on the Sales Emails option.


Step (4): Select the scope under Current Configuration Scope for which you want this configuration to apply.


Step (5): Under Sales Emails page, expand the Order panel which contains some settings as shown below.


Enabled: Set this option to yes to allow new order confirmation emails to be sent.

New Order confirmation email Sender: the usage of this field, pick out the email address that is to be used for sending new order confirmation.

New Order confirmation Template: It selects the template which is for use for the order confirmation emails, sent to the registered clients.

New Order confirmation Template for guest: It selects the template that's to be used for the order confirmation emails, despatched to the guest customers.

Ship Order e mail copy To: It specify the email address to which copy of the new order confirmation e mail is sent.

Send Order e mail copy method: you may send reproduction of the brand new order confirmation electronic mail to the extra e mail deal with using BCC or seperate e-mail.

Step (6): After accomplished with the settings, click on at the save Config button to keep your adjustments.

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