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What is Magento Setup Languages?

Step (1): visit the official website of Magento and look for a brand new language p.c. using search subject. As an example, if you want to look for the Italian language, type the Italian Language p.c. in the search field and press enter. It shows the setup package file and then clicks on it.


Step (2): next you get a package for installing language. You must login to the website to get a language p.c.. after you log in you get the Extension Key as shown within the display screen below.


Step (3): Now login to your Magento Admin Panel and go to the System --> Magento Connect -->Magento Connect Manager option.


Step (4): It again asks you to log in, enter your credentials to redirect to Magento connect manager window.

Step (5): Now underneath Extensions section, paste the Extension Key (that you had already copied in step 2) and click on install button. It then displays a status as "prepared to install" and click on continue button to install the language.


Step (6): It tests for dependencies of programs and shows the message as Cache wiped clean efficiently and then visit admin dashboard web page via clicking on go back to Admin link.


Step (7): Go to the System menu and click on Manage Stores option.


Step (8): Next you will get Manage Stores section to create store view as shown in the below screen.


Step (9): Click on Create Store View button and enter the information for Store, Name, Code, Status and Sort Order fields and click on Save Store View button to store the view as shown in the screen.


Step (10): To set up your stored language pack, go to the System menu and click on the Configuration option.


Step (11): Next go to Current Configuration Scope section on the left side of the page and select the Italian option from the drop down menu.


Step (12): Now under General section, click on Locale Options, uncheck the Use Website checkbox, select the Italian(Italy) option from the dropdown menu of Locale field and click on Save Config button.


Step (13): This saves your language in Magento and selected langauge will be assigned in the selected store view.

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