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What is Magneto Search Engine Optimization?

Magento is one of the search engine pleasant structures. it's far a critical thing of a strolling net based totally business and critical form of advertising online. To make e-save greater visible to the capacity shoppers, the website admin want to enhance e-keep rating in seek engine consequences. they will like greater if your web page is easy, clean and smooth to navigate. Magento permits managing URLs, creating pictures and coping with of hyperlinks that make clean use of search engine optimization, in order that your website can without difficulty be listed in search engines. After installing Magento and installation your save, you could start optimizing your web site for search engines from the net configuration menu.

the subsequent steps describe how to setup search engine optimization (search engine optimization) in Magento:

Step (1): Login in your Magento Admin Panel.

Step (2): go to the machine menu and click on Configuration choice.


Step (3): On the left side of the navigation, go to the General section and click on the Web option.


Step (4): Expand the Url Options panel, set the Add Store Code to URLs option to No so that store codes are not added to URLs.

Step (5): In the Search Engine Optimization panel, set the Use Web Server Rewrites option to Yes to generate more search engine friendly and readable URLs. Click on Save Config button to save your changes.


Step (6): To set the default page title, change setting of default robots, go to System -> Configuration and under General section and click on the Design option.


Step (7): Expand the HTML Head panel, write the title and description in the Default Title and Default Description for your pages, change the Default Robots field to INDEX, FOLLOW option so that search engines can index your website and show it in search results. When you are done, click Save Config button.


Step (8): To avoid duplications in URLs, go to the System -> Configuration and under Catalog section, click on the Catalog option.


Step (9): Expand the Search Engine Optimizations option and set the Use Categories Path for Product URLs option to No, to prevent Magento from generating duplicate content when you want to show the same product in multiple categories, set both Canonical Link Meta Tag fields to Yes. After done with the settings, click the Save Config button.


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