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What is Magento Product Overview?

Magento products

products are the items or things, which might be bought in Magento. The product can be something that is able to fulfil customer desires. This includes both physical products and services.

Product kinds

Magento provides 6 exceptional forms of products. appropriate selection of product type is important for accessing the suitable set of functions required to sell the product. Following are the product types to be had in Magento.

  • Simple products
  • Grouped products
  • Configurable products
  • Virtual products
  • Bundled products
  • Downloadable products

Simple products

These are popular product kind, which are most usable products. In this phase, there are no options for choosing size or color of the product.

Instance: coffee cup, DVD's, camera lens and so forth.

Grouped products

This is a collection of easy products. Of this type, you cannot specify a specific rate for the product; you could just specify the cut price.

Instance: mobile cellphone + memory card + Ear phone

Configurable products

On this kind, the customer can select products according to their color and length before buying.

Example: cell phones acquired in exclusive colors and sizes.

Virtual products

Digital products are those which do not have bodily counterpart i.e. those are used for virtual items. these products cannot be shipped or stocked.

Example: on-line schooling course

Bundled products

Bundled products are the one's products which cannot be offered separately and does not provide any desire for stop person.

Instance take into account you want to shop for a cellular smartphone which includes earphone, memory card, battery, charging cable and so forth. These are collectively called bundled of products. These products can't be bought in my opinion, however, may be offered in the packaged product.

Downloadable products

Products which are available for download are called downloadable products.

Instance: MP3 file, e-book, documents etc

Product Attributes

The attribute describes the belongings of the product. Product attributes facilitate to set product homes including color, size width, and height and so on and makes the product specific. You may upload as many attributes on your product as required.

The following steps describe, how to set up the attributes for products in Magento:

Step (1): Login to your Magento Admin Panel.

Step (2): visit Catalog and select Attributes from the drop-down menu and click on the control Attributes option.


Step (3): Under Manage Attributes section, you will find different attributes used in the system. For adding new attribute, click on Add New Attribute on the top right.


Step (4): Next you need to set the attribute properties for your product. After setting up all the required attribute properties, click on Save Attribute button to store the product information.


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