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What is Magento Database Performance?

one of the most time consuming process of the Magento store is its interaction with the database. Optimize Magento Database is important undertaking to preserve the Magento web site. Magento saves quite a few database due to monitoring. The ecommerce gadget should have tracking module which indicates information while some thing goes wrong with their order.

the following points describe how to enhance the overall performance of database:

  • Unused records need to be wiped clean up frequently for higher overall performance.
  • Optimization of database queries.
  • Configuration of placing and boundaries of the database server (e.g. reminiscence placing, question cache, sort buffer optimization).

you can optimize Magento database log cleansing as proven inside the below steps:

Step (1): Login for your Magento Admin Panel.

Step (2): visit system menu and click at the Configuration alternative.


Step (3): On the left side of the navigation, go to Advanced section and click on the System option.

Step (4): Expand the Log Cleaning panel, change "Enable Log Cleaning" to Yes option and click the Save Config button.


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