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What is the Architecture of Magento?

In this section, we are working to discuss the architectural style of Magento, for applying user interfaces. The succeeding diagram shows architecture of Magento:


The Magento structure comes with models, views, and Controllers.

  • User Request: The user sends a request to a server in the shape of the request message in which net browsers, search engines like Google and yahoo etc. acts like customers.
  • View: View represents the records particularly layout. Views represent the consumer interface that's accountable for showing the response for consumer request. It specifies a concept at the back of the presentation of the version's records to the user. Perspectives are used to mirror "how your data should look like".
  • Controller: The controller is accountable for responding to user input and carries out interactions at the facts version objects. It uses models to the system the facts and ship response back to the view.
  • Model: The model is liable for coping with the data of the application. It incorporates good judgment of the facts and represents primary facts item within the framework. It responds to request from the view and responds to the commands from the controller to replace it.
  • Database: It carries the data which is asked from the consumer. While person requests facts, view sends requests to the controller; controller requests from the version and model fetch the desired records from the database and respond to the person.
  • WSDL: It stands for internet services Description Language. It is used for describing internet offerings and how to access them.

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