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The graphs are tiled to enable you to view five graphs simultaneously: two large graphs and three small graphs. In addition, you can view graph measurements in the legend.

To view graphs during the load test run:

  1. To display a graph in the large graph pane, select a graph from the dropdown graph list located above the large graph pane. The page reloads with the selected graph.

    To view graphs during the load test run

    Note: Available graphs appear in green in the drop-down graph list. If you select an unavailable graph (black), an empty pane will appear.

  2. To display a graph in the small graph pane, or to change any of the graphs displayed on the screen, click the Select button located above the small graphs. The Select Graphs window opens.

    To view graphs during the load test run

  3. Choose any of the listed graphs and the corresponding position in which they should be displayed. The diagram at the top shows the numbered positions.
  4. Click OK to close the Select Graphs window. The selected graphs appear in the Remote Performance Monitor page.

Graph Legend

You can view the measurements of any graph that is displayed in the large graph window. By default, when the remote viewer opens, the left graph is selected (denoted by a highlighted gray border), and its measurements are displayed in the measurements legend.

Note: The measurements of a small graph cannot be displayed in the legend. Therefore, open the resource you want to measure as a large graph.

To view a graph’s legend:

  1. Click in the graph pane to select the graph. The graph is highlighted with a gray border, and its measurements are displayed in the legend. To view the measurements of two graphs, select both of the large graphs. The legend splits vertically, displaying the measurements of both graphs.
  2. The legend displays details about the maximum, average, minimum, and last values for each measurement. To sort the measurements by one of these values, click the column heading (Max, Avg, Min, or Last). An icon is displayed beside the column heading, showing you whether the measurements are sorted in ascending or descending order.
  3. To close a graph’s legend, click anywhere in the graphs pane.

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