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After you create a Vuser group, you can schedule the group’s script execution by setting:

  • the amount of time after the start of the scenario that the group must wait before it starts running
  • the number of Vusers that will run within a specified period of time.
  • the number of Vusers that will be stopped within a specified period of time
  • the amount of time the group will run

To schedule a Vuser Group:

  1. Select the Schedule by Group option. By default the Start Time tab is displayed

    To schedule a Vuser Group

  2. Select a group from the box on the left.
  3. To set the start time for the group, choose one of the following options:
    • Start the group at the beginning of the scenario
    • Start X after the scenario begins: Waits the specified amount of time before running the group.
    • Start when group X finishes: Begins running the group after the specified group has finished running.
  4. To set the ramp up for the group, click the Ramp Up tab. Choose one of the following options:


    • Load all of the Vusers simultaneously: Starts all the Vusers in the group at once.
    • Start X Vusers every X (HH:MM:SS): Begins running the specified number of Vusers concurrently, and waits the specified time between Vuser ramp ups.

    Note: While a scenario is running, you can add Vuser groups to a scenario and enable them. In the gradual ramp up mode, if you add a Vuser group after all the Vusers in the scenario have been ramped up, the new group will start loading immediately.

  5. To instruct LoadRunner to initialize Vusers before beginning to load them, select Initialize all Vusers before ramp up. Note that LoadRunner will only begin to load the Vusers once they have all reached the Ready status.
  6. To set the duration of the group, click the Duration tab. Choose one of the following options:


    • Run until completion
    • Run for X (HH:MM:SS) after the ramp has been completed: Runs the group for the specified amount of time, once all the Vusers have been ramped up.

    Note:The duration setting overrides the Vuser iteration settings. This means that if the duration is set to five minutes, the Vusers will continue to run as many iterations as required in five minutes, even if the run-time settings specify only one iteration.

    In a scenario of limited duration, the duration time starts to run after all the Vusers reach the Init status. Vusers that take a long time to initialize may not reach the Run status before the scenario ends. To ensure that all Vusers run in the scenario, check the Initialize all Vusers before Run check box. Duration time only starts when all Vusers reach the Run status.

  7. To determine how to stop the Vuser group, click the Ramp Down tab.


    Choose one of the following options:

    • Stop all Vusers simultaneously: Stops all the Vusers in the group at once.
    • Stop X Vusers every X (HH:MM:SS): Stops a certain number of Vusers within a specified time frame.
  8. Click OK to close the Schedule Builder and save your settings

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