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When you set the results directory, you also specify a results name. LoadRunner creates a subdirectory using the results name, and places all of the data it gathers in that directory. Every set of results contains general information about the scenario in a result file (.lrr) and an event (.eve) file. During scenario execution, LoadRunner creates a directory for each group in the scenario and a subdirectory for each Vuser. A typical result directory has the following structure:


  • t_rep.eve in the main result directory contains Vuser and rendezvous information.
  • collate.txt contains the file paths of the result files, and Analysis collation information.
  • collateLog.txt contains the status (succeeded, failed) of result, diagnostics, and log file collation from each load generator.
  • local_host.eve contains information from each agent host.
  • offline.dat contains sample monitor information.
  • *.def are definition files for graphs that describe the online and other custom monitors.
  • output.mdb is the database created by the Analysis (from the results files) that stores the output information.
  • remote_results.txt contains the file paths for the host event files.
  • results_name.lrr is the LoadRunner Analysis document file.
  • *.cfg files contain a listing of the script’s run-time settings as defined in the VuGen application (think time, iterations, log, Web).
  • *.usp files contain the script’s run logic, including how the actions sections run.
  • Log directory contains output information generated during replay for each Vuser. A separate directory exists for each Vuser group that runs in the scenario. Each group directory consists of Vusers subdirectories.
  • Sum data directory. A directory containing the graph summary data (.dat) files.

When you generate analysis graphs and reports, the LoadRunner Analysis engine copies all of the scenario result files (.eveand .lrr) to a database. Once the database is created, the Analysis works directly with the database and does not use the result files.

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