Opening Scenarios from a Quality Center Project - LoadRunner

When LoadRunner is connected to a Quality Center project, you can open your scenarios from Quality Center. You locate tests according to their position in the test plan tree, rather than by their actual location in the file system.

To open a scenario from a Quality Center project:

  1. Connect to the Quality Center server (see “Connecting LoadRunner to Quality Center” on page 196).
  2. In the Controller, chooseFile>Openor click FileOpen. The Open Scenario from Quality Center Project dialog box opens and displays the test plan tree.

    To open a scenario from a Quality Center project

    To open a scenario directly from the file system, click File System. The Open Scenario dialog box opens. (From the Open Scenario dialog box, you may return to the Open Scenario from Quality Center Project dialog box by clicking Quality Center.)

  3. Click the relevant subject in the test plan tree. To expand the tree and view sublevels, double-click closed folders. To collapse the tree, double-click open folders. Note that when you select a subject, the scenarios that belong to the subject appear in the Test Name list.
  4. Select a scenario from the Test Name list. The scenario appears in the readonly Test Name box.
  5. Click OK to open the scenario. LoadRunner loads the scenario. The name of the scenario appears in the Controller’s title bar. The Design tab shows the scripts, the load generators, the Vusers, and the Vuser groups in the scenario.

Note: You can also open scenarios from the recent scenarios list in the File menu. If you select a scenario located in a Quality Center project, but LoadRunner is currently not connected to that project, the Quality Center Connection dialog box opens. Enter your user name and password to log in to the project, and click OK.

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