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During scenario execution, you can use the Scenario Groups pane in the Run view to monitor the actions of all the Vusers and Vuser groups in the scenario. The Status field of each Vuser group displays the current state of each Vuser in the group. The following table describes the possible Vuser states during a scenario.

Monitoring Vuser Status

You can also view a synopsis of the running scenario in the box in the upper-right corner of the Run view.


Note: You can detach the Scenario Status window from the Run view by clicking the button in the upper-right corner. This enlarges the Scenario Groups pane.



You can view details of individual transactions in the Transactions dialog box. To open Transactions dialog box, click the Show Snapshot button to the right of the Passed Transactions or Failed Transactions in the Scenario Status window.


Name: Lists the names of the individual transactions in a script.

TPS: Displays the number of transactions per second.

Passed: Lists the number of transactions that passed.

Failed: Lists the number of transactions that failed.

Stopped: Lists the number of transactions that stopped.

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