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LoadRunner lets you merge the results of two graphs from the same scenario into a single graph. The merging allows you to compare several different measurements at once. For example, you can make a merged graph to display the Web Throughput and Hits per Second, as a function of the elapsed time. Note that in order to merge graphs, the x-axis of both must be the same measurement.

When you overlay the contents of two graphs that share a common x-axis, the left y-axis on the merged graph shows the current graph's values. The right y-axis shows the values of the graph that was merged.

To overlay two graphs:

  1. Right-click one of the graphs you want to overlay, and select Overlay Graphs. The Overlay Graphs dialog box opens.

    To overlay two graphs

  2. Select a graph with which you want to overlay the current graph. The dropdown list shows only the active graphs that have a common x-axis with the current graph
  3. Enter a title for the overlaid graph.
  4. Click OK. The merged graph appears in the graph view area.

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