Introducing the LoadRunner Controller - LoadRunner

The LoadRunner Controller window contains the following elements:

Title bar Displays the name of the scenario on which you are currently working.

Menu bar Displays the menus from which you select commands.

Toolbar Provides shortcuts for selecting commands. Clicking a button executes a command.

Status Bar Displays tool tips for the Controller menu items, as well as the following, if they are enabled: Quality Center Connection, IP Spoofer, Auto Collate Results, Auto Load Analysis, and WAN Emulator.


The Controller window has two tabs that correspond to two views:

Design view This view displays a list of all the Vuser groups/scripts in a scenario, the load generator machines, and the number of Vusers assigned to each group/script. This view also displays basic information about the scenario schedule (manual scenario) or goal (goal-oriented scenario).

Run view Displays information on the running Vusers and Vuser groups, as well as online monitor graphs.

In addition, if you select View> Show Output, the Controller opens the Output window which displays error, warning, notification, debug, and batch messages generated during scenario execution.

Choosing Commands from the Toolbar

You can execute many LoadRunner commands by clicking a button on the toolbar in the LoadRunner Controller. There are some variations in the buttons the toolbar displays, depending on whether you are in Design view or Run view, and depending on whether you are creating a manual scenario or a goal-oriented scenario.

Choosing Commands from the Toolbar

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