Exporting Online Monitor Graphs - LoadRunner

LoadRunner allows you to export online graphs to HTML for viewing at a later stage. When you export to HTML, the legend is also displayed with the graph.

To export online graphs to HTML:

  1. To export all graphs in the Online Monitor view, chooseMonitors> Export Online Graphs to HTML. The Select Filename and Path dialog box opens.
  2. Specify a filename and path and click Save.

Viewing Data Offline

After monitoring resources during a scenario run, you can view a graph of the data that was gathered using the LoadRunner Analysis. When you run the Analysis utility, it processes the data and generates a graph for each measurement that was monitored.

To view a graph, choose Graph> Add Graphin the Analysis window. For more information about working with the LoadRunner Analysis at the conclusion of the scenario, refer to the LoadRunner Analysis User’s Guide.

Available Graphs Tree

The Available Graphs Tree displays the LoadRunner graphs. To open a graph, click the graph in the graph tree, and drag it into the right pane of the Run view.

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