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To monitor J2EE transactions, you must connect between the application server (with the probe) and the mediator. The application server and the Controller connect via the mediator. The settings that you configure are per scenario. All scripts in the scenario will run under the same diagnostics configuration.

Note: Ensure that the application server has finished launching before attempting to connect the Controller to the Probe/Mediator.

Setting Up the J2EE Diagnostics Module

You configure J2EE diagnostics settings using the J2EE Transaction Breakdown dialog box. You can then enable J2EE transaction breakdown using the Diagnostics Distribution dialog box.

To set up the J2EE Diagnostics module:

  1. From the Controller menu, choose Diagnostics > Configuration > J2EE. The J2EE Transaction Breakdown dialog box opens.

    To set up the J2EE Diagnostics module

  2. Enter the name or IP address of the application server and the mediator. The mediator default is localhost
  3. Click Connect. The J2EE Diagnostics module monitor attempts to connect the mediator and the application server.
  4. When the connection is successful, click Close.

If the connection is not successful, see the Output window for more information. You can view the Output window from the J2EE Diagnostics tab by clicking the Errors link in the status bar

Note: Only Vusers that start running after the connection has been established will participate in the breakdown.

To enable J2EE diagnostics on the Controller:

  1. Choose Diagnostics > Distribution. The Diagnostics Distribution dialog box opens.

    To enable J2EE diagnostics on the Controller

    Note: The Diagnostics Distribution dialog box is isabled during scenario execution.

  2. To enable transaction breakdown monitoring, select Enable the following diagnostics and set the percent of users to participate in the monitoring as described in “Understanding the Diagnostics Distribution Dialog Box” .
    Note: You can only enable transaction breakdown monitoring after the connection to the mediator and the application server has been established. During a scenario run, you cannot change the percentage value.
  3. Select J2EE Diagnostics and click OK.

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