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When you run a scenario, by default all Vuser information is stored locally on each load generator. After scenario execution, the results are automatically collated or consolidated results from all of the load generators are transferred to the results directory.

To enable/disable automatic collation:

Choose Results > Auto Collate Results to enable automatic collation. When this feature is enabled, the Auto Collate Results icon is displayed in the status bar. To disable automatic collation, clear the check mark adjacent to the option.

To manually collate results:

Choose Results> Collate Results > Collate Results. The Collate Results dialog box opens, and displays the progress of result, diagnostics, and log file collation from each load generator.

To manually collate results

General Status: The Collate Results files display the status and file size of the Event, Diagnostics, and Log files.

Progress Details: Displays the status (succeeded, failed) of result, diagnostics, and log file collation from each load generator. This information is stored in the collateLog.txt file.

Close automatically: Automatically close the Collate Results dialog box after collation is completed.

To stop collating the results:

Click Stop and then Close. To resume collating the results, select Results> Collate Results> Continue stopped collation.

The log and result directories are only deleted from a load generator once LoadRunner successfully collates the results from the machine. You can therefore close the Controller after saving a scenario, and collate the results once you reopen the scenario in the Controller.

If collation fails due to a lack of disk space, selectResults > Collate Results> Recollate. LoadRunner attempts to collate the results again, without compressing the .eve file. Before generating the analysis data, LoadRunner automatically collates the results if they were not previously collated.

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