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Online monitor graphs display performance measurements for those resources being monitored during scenario execution. Each measurement is represented on the graph by a colored line. Information about the measurements is listed in the legend below the graph. The legend displays the measurements for the selected graph only.

About Online Monitor GraphsAbout Online Monitor Graphs

To focus on a particular line, you can:

  • Highlight a measurement:To highlight a specific measurement, select it in the legend. The corresponding line in the graph is displayed in bold.
  • Hide a measurement:To hide a measurement, right-click the measurement and choose Hide. To hide all measurements other than the measurement selected, right-click the measurement and choose ShowOnly Selected. To show a hidden measurement, right-click the measurement and choose Show
  • Pause the monitor: To pause a specific graph during scenario execution, select the graph and choose Monitors > Online Graph > Freeze, or rightclick the graph and select Freeze. To resume, repeat the above action.

When you resume, the graph displays the data for the paused period. To maintain the sort order after the legend is refreshed, right-click the graph and select Keep Legend Sorted. Click again to remove the sort order. The legend is refreshed every five seconds.

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