About Configuring a Scenario - LoadRunner

Before you run a scenario, you can configure both the load generator and Vuser behaviors for the scenario. Although the default settings correspond to most environments, LoadRunner allows you to modify the settings to customize the scenario behavior. The settings apply to all future scenario runs and generally need to be set only once.

The settings described in this chapter apply to all the load generators in a scenario. To change the settings for individual load generator machines, refer toTopic, “Creating a Manual Scenario.” If the global scenario settings differ from those of an individual load generator, the load generator settings override them.

The settings discussed in this chapter are unrelated to the Vuser run-time settings. These settings, which apply to individual Vusers or scripts, contain information about logging, think time, and the network, the number of iterations, and the browser. The LoadRunner Expert mode allows you to configure additional settings for the LoadRunner agent and other LoadRunner components.

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