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In this section, when we refer to pathnames, we use the term linux to mean the top-level directory in the Linux source tree. For example, if the 2.6 kernel sources are placed in the traditional place for linux kernels, /usr/src, in our case, linux would expand to /usr/src/linux- 2.6.0-test10. In this book, we are concerned primarily with the source and header files related to networking and TCP/IP. The TCP/IP sources are in the linux/net directory. Most of the core networking source files that are not specific to either IPv4 or IPv6 are in the linux/core directory, which contains fundamental networking infrastructure definitions and functions used by both IPv4 and IPv6 and other protocols. The directory linux/net/ipv4 contains IPv4 sources and the protocols TCP and UDP. Most of the IPv6 files are in linux/net/ipv6.

The network interface drivers are in linux/drivers/net. In some cases, there is a separate directory in linux/drivers/net for each specific network interface hardware type. Most drivers, like the tunnel pseudo-driver tun.c, are found in the linux/net/drivers directory. The generic device initialization functions and definitions in net_init.c are in linux/net/drivers as well. The companion CD-ROM does not include all the drivers in the Linux source but does have sources for the drivers discussed in this book.

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